Month: May 2016

City Vet’s newsletter for May

Cody Cody is a 4 year old, male Bichon Frise who needed surgery to have his cruciate ligament repaired after it ruptured. Cody’s owner brought him to City Vet as he wasn’t putting any weight on his right hind leg and he was stiff after getting up. On examination it was decided to give him…
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Terrible Ticks

Terrible Ticks Ticks are external parasites that can attach themselves to your pet and gorge on their blood. They are mostly found in woodlands and long grassy areas but they can also be found in gardens and parks. An empty tick is often the size of a sesame seed but they become more obvious to…
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Lungworm – Is your dog at risk?

Lungworm – is your dog at risk? The life-threatening lungworm Angiostrongylus vasorum is carried by slugs and snails. If your dog swallows one of these common garden visitors there is a risk it could become infected. Lungworm is a life threatening disease which appears to be on the increase. For dogs to become infected they…
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