Month: June 2017

My pet is drinking or urinating a lot more than normal – is there a problem?

Most dog owners notice increased urination more quickly than they notice increased water consumption. This is because increased urine production often results in a dog needing to go outside more frequently, or to urinate in inappropriate locations or during the night (nocturia). Sometimes, owners will also suspect that their dog is incontinent, although this may…
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What items in my house/garden could be dangerous to my pet?

The most common poison cases we see here in City Vet are as a result of exposure to household items. These could include: common foods (e.g. chocolate, coffee, grapes/raisins, nuts, yeast dough), human/animal medicines garden plants e.g. lilies and cats (very toxic and can cause kidney damage) garden pesticides, animal insecticides, rotting rubbish or compost…
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