Obesity Clinic
Pet Services

We offer general nutrition advice to all pets and we sell pet foods developed by vets.

Obesity is just as common a health problem for pets as it is with humans and is simply caused by over-feeding.

Overweight dogs are 68% more affected by arthritis; 48% more affected by diabetes and 51% more affected by cancer.

Overweight cats are 49% more affected by urinary tract disease and 27% more affected by arthritis.

At City Vet we are passionate about improving pets’ health by reducing their weight which can always be done with the help of the owner.

At City Vet we operate a FREE Weight Clinic for our patients as part of our commitment to their overall health.

A few diets such as Hill’s Prescription Diet r/d or Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic have been shown to help pets lose weight when fed solely.

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