Month: June 2015

Polski Witamy

City Vet to Klinika Weterynaryjna Małych Zwierząt takich jak psy, koty, szczeniaki, kociaki i inne małe pupile włączając króliki, gady, myszy i dużo więcej, udostępniając pomoc w całych okolicach Limerick Założone w 1991, City Vet opiekuje się pupilami z Limericku już od ponad 20 lat. Klinika City Vet zlokalizowana jest na 12 Lord Edward Street,…
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Raising Orphaned Kittens

Raising Orphan Kittens Raising an orphaned kitten can be a very rewarding experience. They have special needs and require intensive nursing care and a great deal of care and commitment is needed if they are to survive. Environment Kittens needed to be kept in a warm, draft free environment, so keep their kitten box away…
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Spaying or Neutering Your Pets: Myth v’s Fact

There are many widely held beliefs surrounding neutering or spaying your pets. This article based on Spay Aware’s website,, deals with these in an effort to dispel the myth. The Myth: “Shouldn’t A Female Pet Have One Litter First?” The fact is allowing a female dog or cat to produce a litter does not…
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