Last month at City Vet!

Buddy Buddy, a 4 year old Pomeranian had a swelling under his left jaw area which had been present for a few weeks. The hair was clipped and a thick, syrupy liquid was removed and sent for laboratory analysis and it proved to be saliva. Buddy was diagnosed with a salivary mucocoele; a soft, fluidy…

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November at City Vet!

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Spencer Spencer, a 2 year old male ferret came to City Vet for his annual health check and booster vaccination, an important visit for any pet. He was assessed to be fit and healthy apart from his teeth which needed to be cleaned. A few days later, Spencer was admitted for a general anaesthetic and…

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October at City Vet

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Phoenix Phoenix was a frightened little kitten found by Limerick Feral Cats after a kind lady alerted them to his plight. He presented to City Vet with a badly injured forelimb and bloody discharge from his mouth. As he was examined, the vet found he had a fractured jaw and his forelimb would also need…

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