Spaying your Female Cat

What is Spaying?

Spaying your female cat is a surgical procedure carried out under general anaesthesia to remove of her ovaries and womb so she cannot come into heat and cannot become pregnant. Spaying is the safest and best way to prevent your female cat having unwanted kittens. It can be done from 5 months of age.

What are the benefits to my cat?

  • Female cats come into season (or ‘calling’) every three weeks from early spring onwards in response to the increasing length of day. Female cats can have up to 3 litters a year and females born in the spring can become pregnant and have kittens in the same year.
  • Un-neutered female cats are 7 times more likely to develop mammary cancer in comparison to those neutered at puberty. Mammary cancer is the third most common cancer in cats, and unfortunately 80% of feline mammary cancers are malignant.
  • Indoor female cat is more likely to try to escape and all cats can be very frustrated and distressed when in season.
  • It is a safe and easy way of preventing unwanted kittens. Abandoned, unwanted kittens contribute to the feral cat population.
  • Spaying your female cat removes the risk of her developing a serious life- threatening womb infection called pyometra. She is at an increased risk of developing this condition if she unneutered and has not had kittens.
  • Spaying your female cat will reduce the numbers of male cats coming around your house.
  • Neutered pets live longer.

City Vet recommends the spaying of all female cats as there are many health benefits for your pet. To arrange an appointment to have your cat spayed, phone us on 061-419760.

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