Scoop That Poop!

Dog foul continues to be a huge problem throughout the country. While most dog owners are conscientious in always carrying poo bags and picking up after their dog each time they foul, there is still a minority who fail to do so.

Dog foul poses a threat to public health. If a dog with worm eggs in its stool fouls in a public area such as the park, the eggs can survive in the soil and can therefore be picked up and, if we are not careful, ingested.

Children are particularly at risk of contracting roundworms from contaminated soil as they are always grabbing, touching and sticking their hands in their mouths. Studies have shown that 67% of public playgrounds are contaminated with roundworms eggs.

Humans can also pick up hookworm by walking barefoot on contaminated sand or soil. If infected, hookworm can cause skin disease and/or intestinal problems. Dogs pass hookworm eggs in their stool & these eggs embryonate & hatch into larvae. It is the larvae that infect humans.

Tapeworm eggs can also be passed on to humans from infected dog foul which can go on to cause a serious illness called Hydatid Disease. Hydatid Disease causes cysts to form on internal organs. It can take up to 50 years for symptoms to become apparent. In some cases it can prove fatal.

Scooping Poop helps to reduce the disease threat to public health but also stops mess and smell in public areas. An owner who is found to have failed to scoop the poop could face a fine of €150. A responsible owner always carries a poo bag and pick up after your dog. Never leave your dog out on its own and worm him/her regularly. City Vet recommends regular worming with an effective worming treatment every three months.


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