Pet Diabetes: Roxy’s Story

Roxy is an eleven year old, female neutered Bichon Frise. Roxy was eight years old when she was diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus. Her owner reported she was drinking more than usual, having “accidents” in the house and passing large amounts of watery urine which are some of the symptoms of diabetes. After examination, the vet recommended carrying out a urinalysis, and running a specific type of blood sample to test the glucose levels in her blood. A diagnosis of diabetes only becomes definite when glucose is found in the urine and at a persistently high concentration in the blood.

Once Roxy had been diagnosed with diabetes, she required treatment which started straightaway. Her diet had to change and she required injections of insulin twice daily. Her owners were advised on how to administer her new medication and how to monitor her glucose levels daily. They were also advised on what signs to look out for should Roxy ever suffer from Hypoglycaemia, which is a low blood sugar level.

A strict routine is very important with diabetic patients. Roxy’s owners must check her urine daily and it is very important for her to be fed the correct quantity of a Prescription diet and that it is given at the same time every day. She must also have her Insulin injections administered at specific times. Roxy’s owner has said that no one is allowed a lie-in anymore due to Roxy’s diabetes!

In order to determine the correct dosage of insulin for any diabetic patient, their blood glucose level must be monitored closely so Roxy is admitted to City Vet regularly in order for blood glucose curves to be carried out. A blood glucose curve is a curve based on readings from a glucometer, which is used to measure blood glucose levels. This curve determines if Roxy is on the correct dosage of insulin by taking blood samples readings every hour during the day. Roxy is a very brave girl when she comes in and doesn’t mind us taking her blood. The normal blood glucose level for dogs is between 5 and 12 mmol/L and if the readings are persistently above this throughout the day, the level of insulin is increased and the curve repeated one month later until the correct level is maintained.

Apart from one or two setbacks, Roxy continues to lead a healthy, happy life. If you are concerned that your pet may be showing signs of Diabetes, please phone City Vet on 061-419760 to arrange a check up appointment.

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