Car Safety Tips When Travelling in Summer

If you do not want to put your pet into a boarding kennel and would prefer to bring them with you on your staycation in Ireland this summer, there are some things to take into consideration. This blog will address these issues.

Car Safety
It can be very dangerous to drive with unrestrained pets. Not only are they a distraction as they hop around the car but they could also be killed or kill another person in the car, if projected forward in the event of an accident. Just as we wear seat belts, pets should also be secured in a vehicle at all times.

There are a range of options available to help ensure your pet is safely restrained. The pet should be in the back rather than in the front alongside the driver.  A cage is an ideal way to restrain your pet in a vehicle. Ensure the cage has a strong frame and can be attached to the car so it cannot move and has adequate ventilation as animals cannot lose heat as effectively as humans.

The cage can be lined with old rugs, bedding etc to make it comfortable for your pet. You may also like to add their usual blanket for added reassurance. The cage can also be lined with puppy pads or incontinence pads so if your pet does urinate, they will still be comfortable. While some owners think cages may have negative connotations, it should be noted that it has been known for dogs in cages to survive serious car accidents.

Dogs can also wear strong harnesses that clip into the seat belt of the back seat. These harnesses also have a clip that allows the dog to be walked without having to remove the harness.
Never allow your dog to have its head outside the window which the vehicle is in motion as they are in danger of head trauma, inner ear problems and lung problems. Never leave your pet unattended in a car as they can overheat very quickly.

Car Travelling Tips
It can help to get your pet prepared for a long journey by going on a number of short journeys first. Do not feed your pet before you travel or during travel, wait until the journey is over. This helps pets who suffer from motion sickness when travelling.

Some pets, especially kittens and puppies suffer from motion sickness when travelling. While most will grow out of it, some pets can suffer throughout their lifetime. There are a number of medications available that can help with this also.

On warm days, it is important to make regular stops to check on your pet and to allow them to drink some fresh water. Always stop in a safe area and ensure dogs are secured to a lead when going for walks. Air conditioning will also help to keep pets cool along with leaving the window down. Ensure the window is not down far enough for pets to stick their heads out or escape.

Always park in a shady area in warm weather. Never leave a pet in a parked car unattended as closed up vehicles can heat up very quickly in warm weather and quickly become like an oven,. A new law has been passed in Tennesse, USA that makes it legal to break into a hot car to rescue trapped pets inside. It is thought to be the first law of it’s kind in America. (Source = Daily Mail Online)

In this video, a NFL player sheds light on exactly what it is like for a pet left in a hot parked car:

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