Should I Neuter my Rabbit?

What is neutering? Neutering is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic to prevent animals breeding.  In a male neutering is called castration which involves removing both testicles, and in the female the procedure is usually called spaying when both ovaries and the uterus (womb) are removed. Why neuter pet rabbits? There are many good…

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Spaying Your Cat

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General Information Spaying a female cat is a normal surgical procedure to remove the uterus and ovaries. This ensures she cannot come into season (or ‘calling’) nor become pregnant and helps prevent a several potentially serious diseases when done at the currently recommended age of 8-16 weeks old. Benefits of Spaying Your Cat General Information…

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Spaying or Neutering Your Pets: The Numbers

Spay Aware Week 2015 runs from 24th May to the 31st May. The main aim of Spay Aware week is the promotion of a key message; spaying or neutering your pets is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. Here are some numbers from Spay Aware’s website,, to support the message. • An unspayed…

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