Spaying your Female Dog

  • Spaying your female dog is a normal surgical procedure carried out under general anaesthetic to remove of her ovaries and womb so she does not come into heat and cannot become pregnant.
  • Spaying can be done from 4 months of age.
  • Spaying is the safest and best way to control your female dog’s reproduction. Female dogs come into season twice a year which can last up to three weeks. She can be become pregnant during this time.
  • There are no benefits to your female dog of having a litter of pups before neutering, contrary to a commonly held belief. Sadly, there are not enough homes for all the puppies born.
  • Neutering your female dog before her first season greatly reduces her risk of developing cancer by 50% by reducing the risk of mammary
  • Older unspayed female dogs that have not had pups may develop a lif- threatening womb infection called pyometra.
  • False pregnancies commonly occur after a heat and are extremely distressing for your dog and can often require veterinary treatment.
  • Spaying significantly reduces the risk of your dog developing diabetes, a condition requiring ongoing medication and treatment.
  • During your female dogs season, she is more likely to want to escape to find a mate increasing the risk of injury from road traffic accidents.
  • Approximately 12 unwanted dogs are destroyed in Ireland on a daily basis. Spaying will reduce the number of unwanted pups and dogs.
  • City Vet recommends spaying all female dogs not intended for breeding because of the many health benefits for your dog.
  • Neutered pets live longer.
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