My dog is dragging their bottom on the ground, do they have worms?

If your pet is regularly de-wormed using a good quality treatment such as Milbemax, worms are probably not the issue.

This may be an issue with your pets’ anal glands. The anal glands are located around the anus at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. They normally produce a smelly liquid that acts as a scent marker in your pet’s faeces. These glands can become blocked and your pet may become uncomfortable. You may see them dragging their bottom or ‘scooting’, stopping and starting while defecating or licking and biting at his anal area. It is best to bring him to the clinic to get this checked, the vet will easily and quickly express his glands.

My cat/dog keeps shaking their head, what could this be?

Pets often shake their heads when they have discomfort, this may be due to an ear infection, or possibly ear mites.

A dog’s ear canals are very deep and L shaped, if your pet has a problem deep in the ear canals, the vet will pass an instrument called an otoscope to see the canal and identify the problem.

With cats a parasite called ear mite or Otodectes Cyanotis can sometimes be found, this causes great discomfort and needs to be treated.

Untreated ear issues can cause long term problems with ear disease or damage to the ears.

My dog is very itchy but I keep treating for fleas and he does not improve?

It is best to get your pets examined by the vet, sometimes fleas can be very hard to find and remove, not just from your pet but also from his environment. Adult fleas live on your pet but their eggs fall off and hatch in the environment. However some dogs suffer from allergic skin disease, this is very uncomfortable for your pet and can cause intense itching and even self inflicted trauma as a result. The vets at City Vet will help you to discover the cause of itching and treat appropriately to help make your pet comfortable

My dog's breath is smelly, is it their food?

Take a quick look at your pet’s teeth and if you can see tartar your pet is probably suffering from dental disease. Pets unfortunately cannot brush their own teeth and so rely on us to help them maintain their dental health. Before embarking on a tooth brushing programme, it is best to consult a vet for a thorough dental exam and advice on how to train your pet to allow you to brush his teeth.

It is important to know that brushing will not remove tartar already present. If your pet already has dental disease, it is best to seek dental treatment first so that you can begin with a fresh healthy mouth. Some pets may need antibiotics if they have severe gum and dental disease, especially older pets.

Can I bring my pet on holidays?

Pets can travel with their owners in the E.U. provided they have a pet passport, microchip and rabies vaccination. The rabies vaccination must be given at least 21 days before travel, it is important to ensure the appropriate criteria are met prior to travelling.

Link: www.agriculture.gov.ie/pets/

My puppy is very playful but bites my hands, how do I stop this?

Puppies are baby dogs and so do not always know how to act appropriately. Giving out to a puppy is usually counterproductive and often just upsets or scares them. To effectively communicate to a pup that hand biting is inappropriate it is best to implement a time out approach. When the pup gets too boisterous and bites your hands, do not give out or make eye contact, instead calmly place your pup in his crate until he is calm and relaxed. It is best to speak with your vet for puppy training and toilet training advice. Puppies also need their full course of vaccinations, which can be a great opportunity to discuss your training options.

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