Max is an 11 yo male Shih Tzu who came to the clinic as his groomer found some lumps around Image 1 May 17 ezine2

his bottom.  He wasn’t having any difficulty going to the toilet and they didn’t seem to bother him.  On examination the vet strongly suspected that they were small tumours which can occur in older un-neutered male dogs.  It was recommended that Max have a general anaesthetic, remove the lumps, have them analysed and also be castrated, as many of these tumours are hormone-dependant.   A week later Max returned for his surgery, all went well and he recovered uneventfully.  Thankfully the 7 tumours that were removed were benign, so he should go on to a full recovery and hopefully no more should grow now that he is neutered.


Dr Cheesebutt

Dr Cheesebutt is a 5 yo male DSH cat who was brought to the clinic as he had stopped eating, was lethargic and trembling; in fact his owner was concerned that he had been poisoned! On examination it was discovered he had a lot of plaque on his teeth, gingivitis (inflamed gums) and bleeding gums.  It was Image 2 May 17 ezinerecommended he should have pain medication and return for a general anaesthetic, dental X-rays, full dental assessment and any treatment/extractions necessary.



He returned a few days later and the dental X-rays showed a lot of problems.  He had resorbing crowns (Figure 1. black arrows), resorbed roots (white arrows), ankylosed roots and he had a large hole in one of his teeth (Figure 2, black arrow).  Some teeth were extracted and the gums sutured.  There were still more issues but due to the length of the general anaesthetic necessary to address them, it was decided to allow him wake up andrn for further treatment at a later date.  Five days later he returned for a check-up.  The extraction sites were healing well and his owner reported that he was a much happier cat.Image 3 May 17 ezine

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