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Travelling Abroad with Your Pet

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Dogs, cats and ferrets can travel to and from EU countries and many other countries without quarantine and return home with limited formality. Pets need to have a microchip, be vaccinated against rabies and have a pet passport. They are also required to have a full veterinary health check within 5 days of travelling out…

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Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) at City Vet

During the month of June, Limerick Feral Cats (LFC) carried out a large Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) in Limerick City. These cats were brought to City Vet to be neutered once they were trapped. What does a TNR entail? LFC begin by identifying the area in which the feral cats are. They observe the…

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Polski Witamy

By June 26, 2015 0 Comments

City Vet to Klinika Weterynaryjna Małych Zwierząt takich jak psy, koty, szczeniaki, kociaki i inne małe pupile włączając króliki, gady, myszy i dużo więcej, udostępniając pomoc w całych okolicach Limerick Założone w 1991, City Vet opiekuje się pupilami z Limericku już od ponad 20 lat. Klinika City Vet zlokalizowana jest na 12 Lord Edward Street,…

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Raising Orphaned Kittens

Raising Orphan Kittens Raising an orphaned kitten can be a very rewarding experience. They have special needs and require intensive nursing care and a great deal of care and commitment is needed if they are to survive. Environment Kittens needed to be kept in a warm, draft free environment, so keep their kitten box away…

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Spaying or Neutering Your Pets: Myth v’s Fact

There are many widely held beliefs surrounding neutering or spaying your pets. This article based on Spay Aware’s website,, deals with these in an effort to dispel the myth. The Myth: “Shouldn’t A Female Pet Have One Litter First?” The fact is allowing a female dog or cat to produce a litter does not…

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Spaying or Neutering Your Pets: The Numbers

Spay Aware Week 2015 runs from 24th May to the 31st May. The main aim of Spay Aware week is the promotion of a key message; spaying or neutering your pets is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. Here are some numbers from Spay Aware’s website,, to support the message. • An unspayed…

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Thinking of Getting a New Puppy?

  This blog is about the importance of getting your new puppy from a reliable source. It is so important to get your new puppy from a reliable source. These extracts from Sharon Shannon’s article in the Irish Independent Weekend magazine of 11th April 2015 give some very sound advice on the dos and don’ts…

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Spring Season for Pets

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In this blog I will address some commonly seen issues pets experience during spring time. Allergies Skin diseases are the most common reason for owners taking their pets to their vet. The affected pet licks, scratches or rubs itself excessively causing irritation or damage to its skin. Pets with allergies may be irritated all year…

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How To Recognise Animal Abuse

Cases of animal cruelty and neglect are sadly very common. There are many cases reported in the media and online. Animal charities are to be applauded on fighting this awful problem on a daily basis. In this blog post we try and educate you on how to identify cases of animal abuse. If you do come…

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Spaying your Female Dog

By March 24, 2015 0 Comments

Spaying your female dog is a normal surgical procedure carried out under general anaesthetic to remove of her ovaries and womb so she does not come into heat and cannot become pregnant. Spaying can be done from 4 months of age. Spaying is the safest and best way to control your female dog’s reproduction. Female…

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